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“The poetry is wonderfully sustained and strong. I loved the recurrent beauty of the poetry, and the feeling of friendship that runs through the letter extracts. Such a wonderful project, and such a pleasure for a reader to be part of it.”

– Kevin Brophy, poet

“I devoured this book like it was a mystery, or the answer to a mystery. It is wonderful to feel the connection between Alison and Gillian, the way they moved around and away and towards one another, their letters as much poetry as the poems. Redrafting Winter is magnificent.”

– Sian Ellett, author

“This book is beautiful, and even if you think you hate poetry, you should think again, give this book a look, and ponder the small moments rendered so carefully here. Is life worth living? After reading this book, your answer will assuredly be ‘yes.'”

– Goodreads review

“This book blew me away. The authors’ paths through the world, their deep love for one another, and the uncertainty of these moments in their lives weaves a captivating story.”

– Goodreads review

“A gorgeous and thoughtful account of a formative period in these authors’ lives. Beautifully written. A stunning portrait of friendship which explores intimate moments of self-discovery and growth.”

– Amazon review

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